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  • Cotton Farming and Sourcing
  • Textile Manufacturing and Processing
  • Product Diversification
  • Supply Chain Optimization


Cotton – the world's most versatile fibre – is regarded as ‘white gold with a green heart’! The fibre has led to the evolution of the textile industry of the world and has been a much treasured possession from historical times. India is one of the earliest countries to have domesticated this most preferred fibre and used it to manufacture yarn, fabrics, home textiles, garments and more.

India has the largest area under cotton cultivation and is also the largest producer and second largest consumer of cotton. In order to give a distinct identity to the Indian Cotton, empower farmers and benefit the stakeholders, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has recently launched the “Kasturi Cotton”.

Now, with a view to take the process of branding Indian cotton forward, The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL)and the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 15th December 2022 at Varanasi, whereinTexprocil was designated as the implementing Agency for Branding, Tracing and Certification of “Kasturi Cotton”.


‘Kasturi Cotton’ is an initiative of the Government of India, Textile Trade Bodies and Industry with the objective of creating premium value for cotton grown in India as per benchmarked specifications.

Register for the 'Kasturi Cotton' program to:

  • Establish your unique identity within the textile value chain using blockchain technology.
  • Enable traceability of transactions from the ginning stage through QR codes for brands, retailers, and buyers of bales.
  • Enhance credibility through transparent dealings, showcasing sustainable practices in homegrown cotton production and earning premium prices.

Advantages for Ginners

Registration with the ‘Kasturi Cotton’ program will provide Ginners a platform for:

  • Creating their unique identity among the participants of textile value chain based on block chain technology
  • Providing traceability of every transactions starting from the ginning stage by generating QR code to be used by brands, retailers and buyers of bales
  • Increasing credibility through transparent dealings by highlighting the sustainable practices used in producing home grown cotton thereby earning premium price

Get Registered with Program

Registration process for Kasturi Cotton Program

Upon receiving the duly completed online application for Registration for the Kasturi Cotton Program, along with the payment of Rs. 10,000/- plus 18% GST, an acknowledgment will be sent to you.

The Registration process serves as the initial step in the Kasturi Cotton Program. It ensures that your application has been received and accepted

Once the Registration process is completed, further details and instructions regarding the subsequent processes will be communicated to you. These steps will guide you through the next stages of the Kasturi Cotton Program.